Security Services

Training of Guards – All of our armed security guards are currently or recently retired police, military or correction officers professionally trained with years or experience and extensive training through various city, state or federal agencies where they are or were employed. This affords us the opportunity to benefit our clients with the most professional armed security services they deserve to accommodate their unique security needs.

Unarmed Guards – Our unarmed security guards are highly trained for non-violent policies and procedures. They always present themselves in a courteous, pleasant and professional public image.

Guards – Whether for corporate or for construction sites, we can properly uniform security guards for your needs and image.

Uniforms – Our security guards are sharply outfitted in professional police style uniforms. Our uniform consists of a light blue shirt with a silver breast shield, company identifying emblems on the shoulders, an American flag on the left sleeve, name tag on the right breast, black pants, navy blue baseball cap with company patch and a black tie. Supervisor has a dark blue navy shirt same as above. Uniforms also consist of company issued identification cards which may be worn on the outside of the uniform and present the client with the guards full name, picture, thumb print and employment position. Our blazer clad guards, armed & unarmed, are outfitted in navy blue blazers with company identifying patch on the breast pocket, white shirt, black tie and grey slacks. We are continuously complimented on the visual image our guards present.

Armed Security – Our armed security guards are hand picked and specially trained for executive protection, property protection, monetary transfers, hotel security, celebrity security, corporate security, convention and event security and custom security services. Our guards are trained and licensed with CCW.

Supervision – Our clients receive 24 hour, daily per-shift supervision from our highly experienced mobile field supervisors. We have established a policy of supervision of at least one site check per shift. This is usually more supervision than offered by any other security company.

Plain Clothes Division – We also give our clients the opportunity to choose plainclothes security guards, giving them the option of having a “quieter” security presence. All of our security guards are carefully screened. Each applicant has an intense pre-employment background check, and prior to placement will have gone through multiple training sessions. These sessions consist of Visual learning lessons and lectures on subjects such as public relations, emergency situations, defusing aggressive behavior and many more.

Crowd Control – We also offer crowd control services in the event of VIP or celebrity security, business and corporate activities and event crown control. We’ll customize our services to meet your needs. We can provide a specific plan customized to meet your needs in assisting your organization in providing the maximum crowd control level you need. We will discreetly interact with clients and their guests to ensure effective management during your event with the highest level of safety and productivity. If necessary, we can also cooperate and assist police, fire and medical professionals and act as a liaison between entertainment and venue personnel. In addition, we have spent many years providing VIP and celebrity protection and crowd control for entertainers, actors and actresses, politicians and sports teams.

Vehicle Control – Day or night, our vehicle patrols can be at your business conducting patrols for your area. Our vehicles have state of the art communication equipment. We provide patrol units for malls, parking lots, residential neighborhoods, gated communities, private subdivisions and custom services. With the reduction in many police departments and the need for increased security since 9/11, many neighborhood watches are increasing their private and community security and hiring vehicle patrols. Many homeowners and neighbors are finding it more cost effective to combine their resources and employ security through private security companies such as ours to provide them with protection for their families and a better piece of mind.

For more information or to contact our Security Department, please email or call us directly at 517-536-0774 or click here for our online contact form.

Personalized Services for Attorney’s – All investigations and Security Services

  • Filling
  • Legal Courier
  • Process Service
  • Record Copy
  • Video Taping of Depositions
  • Spousal Surveillance
  • Child Custody Cases
  • Investigations
  • Drug/criminal cases investigations
  • Neglect cases
  • Fraud
  • Background checks

Security Services include:

  • Armed/Unarmed Security Guards
  • Uniform/Plainclothes/Blazer
  • Celebrity Security
  • Event Security
  • Executive VIP Protection
  • Entry Control Points
  • Vehicle Control Points
  • Crowd Control
  • Property Protection
  • Monitoring of CCTV
  • Physical Security Barrier
  • Bodyguard Security
  • House Sitting/ Home Security
  • Inventory Loss Control
  • Special Event Security
  • Video taping of Valuables & Jewelry (for Insurance purposes Only)
  • Custom Security to your needs
Private Eyes Investigation & Security Services

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